Keto Strawberry Milkshake

Keto Strawberry Milkshake

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This berry delicious (it’s fun to use puns!) strawberry ketogenic diet drink will surely satisfy your fruity cravings! 

With just the right amount of sweetness, this instant strawberry mix is formulated to replicate the freshest Norwegian strawberries, blended with high-quality buttermilk and the finest Japanese stevia. 

A natural diuretic, it also contains added MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) to boost energy while doing your keto diet, also helps produce ketones for burning fat and suppresses appetite while promoting prolonged satiety! 

This low-calorie drink is free of refined sugar and is also diabetic friendly. For beginners, Keto Diet enthusiasts or if you just want to stay healthy and fit, you can grab yours now! 

NET WEIGHT: 120g / 10 sachets

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