Keto Red Iced Tea (20-in-1)
Keto Red Iced Tea (20-in-1)

Keto Red Iced Tea (20-in-1)

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What more could you ask for if you can take a sip of a refreshing, diet-friendly ketogenic red iced tea? If you want a healthier variation to your usual iced tea favorite, then this product is perfect for you! 

Made with a homegrown selection of prime moringa, barley, and spirulina—fused with some of the best tea in the market (hibiscus extract, yerba mate leaf extract, black tea powder) and paired only with top-grade Japanese stevia, this iced tea contains L-Carnitine that helps the body turn fat into energy and Garcinia Cambogia for burning fats! 

This tasty drink contains antioxidants and is rich in vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C (which is also necessary for collagen synthesis!). On top of that, it also improves digestion, may lower your cholesterol levels, and prevents chronic inflammation. 

This low-calorie product is a natural diuretic, free of refined sugar and is also diabetic friendly. For beginners, Keto Diet enthusiasts or if you just want to stay healthy and fit, you can grab yours now! 

NET WEIGHT: 100g / 10 sachets

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