The goal and vision of I-FERN, a subsidiary of FERN Inc., is to promote PROSPERITY through entrepreneurship. An innovative business was founded on August 7, 2012, operating under the flag of its parent company, FERN Inc., the manufacturer of the well-known none-acidic vitamin C brand FERN-C (now in its eleventh year of MLM business). FERN Inc. is requesting all OFWs from around the world to JOIN us in spreading PROSPERITY through I-FERN's PROSPERITY.FERN Inc. for Everyone Regardless of Nationality because we believe that anything we can do here in the Philippines we can do as well internationally.

              Through the introduction of i-FERN in 2012, Filipino Entrepreneurs' Resources Network (FERN), Inc. unveiled a grand strategy for international growth. i-FERN works in network marketing and direct selling using the same fundamental premise of positively transforming lives via relationships. Like its parent firm, i-FERN adheres to a very straightforward philosophy: promote good health while providing members with attractive business opportunities. As all transactions are completed online, modern technology is crucial to the success of the i-FERN enterprise. I-FERN provides a broad range of premium items that enhance existing FERN offerings. The FERN Vision is expanded through i-FERN from a dream to a reality for many people in the Philippines, until wealth is realized by all — regardless of race or nationality.